Wednesday, August 30, 2006

New name, same old stuff? Does this website seem a little off to anyone else but me? I find it odd to see a website dedicated to the bashing of a practice while itself unashamedly utilizing the very same techniques it holds in contempt. I'm as much for change as anyone. I think the church as a culture is in need of awakening. But a lot of what I see that comes along in the name of change is not necessarily a fundamentally different approach. One of my favorites over the years are the great claims in worship music, boasting that it is "fresh" or "cutting edge, when you find out its only just another way to rhyme "king" with "sing" and "adore" with "forevemore." New churches that spring up can say they are doing church differently, but the only thing that might be different is aesthetics. They still meet on Sundays (or maybe Saturday in a warehouse) and listen to one guy speak after singing a few songs. The only real distinction is that they lit a bunch of candles and dimmed the lights a bit. Real change has got to come from an authentic core. Being an approval junkie, I worried a bit about yesterday's post, fearing that my honesty may come back to bite me, but therein lies much of the problem with the church, of which I have been a contributor. These posts are an attempt to get the log out of my own eye first. I wish these guys well at their effort of initiating change. I just think I'll go about it a different way.


Blythe Lane said...

From my vantage point in my recent search for church, I would most definitely concur with your observations.

Any ideas on what change looks like coming from an authentic core?

Watchman said...

Anger is not a solution. Its a useful indicator of something gone wrong, ie. injustice, corruption, laziness, etc. But it can't be the motivating factor. Love is, at it always prevails.

Megiddo1918 said...

See the link below.

How smart would I be if my goal was to first frustrate my wife to convince her to see things my way.

I see the Church as Christ's bride.

Christ doesn't speak to His bride this way and I don't talk to mine that way.

God doesn't NEED cool music, the Internet, billboards or music videos to work in the hearts of man either.

Christ's name is proclaimed, so I'll rejoice, but I'm with you. I'll go another way.

Watchman said...

I have to admit that frustration can lead to significant change. My wife and I got so sick and tired of the flies and mosquitos ruining our outdoor dining that we built a nice screened patio. Now we aren't bothered by them anymore. I don't think this is the kind of change these guys are looking for, but I'm afraid it may be the kind they will get.

Bryan Riley said...

Jesus saves. Living by faith pleases God. Following the Kingdom and His promises and commands will result in what He says it will. Following man's best plans will lead to what man's best can produce. Fear of man will prove to be a snare, but if we trust God... really trust Him... at His word and as He lived, well, God will come through.

Bryan Riley said...

Kevin, I'd love to get in touch with you by email. My email is on my blog.