Tuesday, February 20, 2007

What I see (or rather, hope) is on its way.

My next few posts will be my view from the point on the wall as I look out on the Church As We Know It. I’m no Tom Sine, so I can’t say with any authority that this is what the Church of the Future as a whole will look like, nor am I a George Barna, with facts and data to support my case. I’m just a watchman, peering into the night, looking for what is coming our direction and how to awaken others to be ready for it. So instead of a prediction, maybe this is more of what I hope the Church of the Future will be like, because it is the kind of church I want to try and help build. I believe The Church of the Future will be:

  • Gathered in smaller contexts.
  • More diverse.
  • More free.
  • Less polarizing.
  • Led by ordinary people

Whether we like it or not, the morphing generation behind us is the one that will replace us, so will they push us out of the way and create on their own, or will we have anything to hand off to them as we pass on? Follow my thinking in the next few days, and offer any input, as it is always appreciated.

1 comment:

Strider said...

I too hope your faith becomes sight.
I think your vision would terrify some people. I think it is beautiful.