Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Songs in the Dark

Here is a link to our latest recording. As stated in the book below, technology is making it possible for people like us to create high quality products at a fraction of the cost in years previous. In this case I am limited by my skills, not by equipment. Now that the tools are in place, one can grow into them at their own pace and not be rushed by deadlines or budgets.


Resa said...

Yeah, I found it. I am definately going to check out that book and do a little time at the B&N. I am glad you stopped by and would love for you be able to step foot in your place in the next few months. I love the little bits of story like being able to make bread at work. That reminded me of Chocolate, the movie.

joy hennin said...

I'm excited that you have this blog as a way of staying current with your life. I really like the way you write. Like Dallas Willard says, "We must become wordsmiths", I think you are one. Although removed from your life, know that I think of you, K and the kiddos. Next time I'm in Lincoln I'd love to catch up with you all.