Tuesday, May 16, 2006

An Army of Davids

A great book I am currently reading is called "An Army of Davids." It tells how technology is empowering the individual and smaller organization, enabling them to compete with the Big Corporation. Very inspiring as I consider the implications for the church of the future. His opening stories about making beer and recording music at home connected with me right off the bat. To think that I have equipment in my basement that I can use to produce a high quality product is pretty amazing. Producing my own music would not have even been possible a few years ago. It would have been too costly for the average person.

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dave said...

I live in Brazil, ordered the book to my parents place in Colombia(amazon) and I've been reading it since yesterday.

didn't you find it interesting how he was able to have the full comfy chapter chapter without mentioning Starbucks at all?