Sunday, November 25, 2007

Did I win?

I’m mistakenly listening to Christian porn yesterday and heard a guy admonishing all Christians to take a stand against the ACLU and all the current attacks against biblical morality that is so rampant in our culture today. Among his pleas was a request for funds to stay on the air so he and his outfit could continue to be armed for the battle that lie ahead. The last thing I remember before I changed the channel for a needed reprieve was, “Now is the time for all bible believing people to rise up and not be silent!” To many minds in The Church As We Know It, his type of cause makes perfect sense, which is another reason I don’t feel like I fit anymore. If I could have a pint with the guy, I have a number of questions I wish could be addressed, such as “If this is a battle, what does winning look like?” And to continue with the war imagery, what or who is the enemy? If I am to enlist with you, what do we hope to accomplish? Is this a winnable war and how long do you think it will take? What do I do if you find out some of my friends are the enemy? Am I required to shoot them too? If we keep with the war metaphor, I’m afraid the Church As We Know It will be guilty of casting its pearls before swine. It will be like pouring gravel in the feed trough. Pearls may be precious to the farmer, but they cannot be eaten by pigs or any other livestock for that matter. So if the animals don’t eat, whose fault is it? Maybe we need a better metaphor? Images are easier to remember than words, which is why we use them, but there comes a time when the image doesn’t quite communicate like it used to. Culture changes, so does language. We must adapt how we speak if we are to be understood, and isn’t this the goal of any good communicator?


Maria said...

It's interesting to me that Jesus' disciples were asking, right up to the very last moment, "Are you going to establish your kingdom now?" In other words, "Are we going to win the war now?" And he never really gives them an answer, does he?

The imagery of war and conquest just doesn't make sense along side the story of a true King who rightfully reigns over all, but who chooses to establish that reign through powerlessness, humility and suffering. Yes, every knee will bow someday, but the way we get there isn't through declaring war on the people Jesus died to save.

BTW, I admire your ability to endure more than 30 seconds of Christan "porn" as you call it -- I change the station as soon as I hear those cadences ...

glenn said...


"Christian Porn" for crying out loud. You do have a way with words! It fits!

I would contend that it is not only a poor choice of words, it is the wrong war. My war is with me and Satan, not culture. My problem is getting off my butt and living out the gospel.

Watchman said...

My reason for the use of the term is this: Porn is anything that draws me in and makes a promise that it can't deliver.